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Love & Light Crystal Lotus Candle Set


Lotus Crystal Candle Set comes in a variety of colors and scents this set comes with 5 all crystal infused tea lights. The others listed comes with 7 tea lights. Some are infused with stones to highten the intent behind the candle. You can customize your candle to your liking. These candles are all made with 100 percent soy wax, infused with organic herbs.

Candle Colors (More Pictures Coming soon)

Multi Color Crystal Lotus as shown in picture set of 5 - a sample of each scent .

Red Crystal Lotus - Organic Strawberry and Rasberry infused with or without Coral Stones , (Stone of Passion)

Purple Crystal Lotus - Organic Lavender and Sage infused with or without Amethyst Stone, (Stone of Balance and Peace).

Yellow Crystal Lotus- Organic Lemon infused with or without Citrine Stone , (Stone of Success)

Green Crystal Lotus - Organic Lime infused with or without Aventurine Stone, (Stone of Prosperity)

Pink Crystal Lotus - Organic Rose infused with or without Rose Quartz Stone, (Stone of Love)

Blue Crystal Lotus - Organic Blueberry infused with or without Onyx Stone, (Stone of Strength)

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