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Keep Your Loved One’s Close to Heart

Helping you keep close the memories you cherish is our goal and fondest wish at With our beautiful designs and Chantel Renea's creations, she is able to bring to you some of the most elegant and long lasting bracelets available anywhere.

Never Forget

A bracelet can serve as a gentle reminder of loved ones that have passed away. With a simple, humble, piece of jewelry you can guarantee that they will never fade from memory. Our bracelets are designed to be a vivid memorial to the love you felt for your missing family member, friend or pet.

Our Promise

We will work with you to find the perfect bracelet that shows the message you would like to convey, while providing you with the ease of mind of knowing that the final product will be exactly as you wanted.


The Loving Memory Bracelet is not just another piece of jewelry, but a precious memory. Wear the memory of your loved one not only in your heart, but on your wrist for the entire world to see. The goal of grieving is not to get things back to normal; rather, the goal is to find and accept a new "normal."

Stay Connected

After you have purchased your Loving Memory Bracelet, log on to Tell your story, and encourage others in coping with their loss. Sharing your story can help others have hope and offer a support system to those who are experiencing what you have experienced through the loss of a love one. Be a blessing to someone today!


The Loving Memory Bracelet is timeless memorbilia to be worn in honor of your love one's memory. Each bracelet has been given its own specific color to highlight its meaning. It is up to you to choose what color fits you best, Which makes it geniunely unique. We also engrave and personalized each bangle or beaded bracelet. Each Loving Memory Bracelet is made with love by me, from my hands to yours. 


The compassion and dedication that I have for this bracelet line is dear and close to my heart. Due to my personal experience of loss I have the ability to be empathic with those who have also experience a personal loss. My hope for this line is to bring people together with a desire to help someone to show special kindness to those who has suffered loss, by allowing them to share their testimonies of healing and restoration.

Discover Our Mission